Year Date Event
~2000 BF Downfall of the Aegyron civilization, by unknown causes. Legend, however, tells of the wrath of the wyrm Jormangr and the forces of chaos laying waste to their culture. Only primitive tribes of Aegyron vassal races survive, those of true Aegyron blood only persist in the Arconian people, descended from a faction who abandoned and shunned civilized culture, believing it to ultimately lead to degeneration and destruction.
~1300 BF The island of Jin is settled by a tribal people from the south.
356 BF Founding of Tholos by refugees originating on islands in the Corvish Sea.
149 BF The first men from the west make landfall in what will be southern Asenheim, coming into immediate conflict with the scattered tribes inhabiting those lands.
95 BF Most native tribes have been driven from Asenheim, either west into the hills or north of the River Wisen, as the westerner population grows.
70-58 BF Tholos, previously a small fishing port, begins to gain military power and conquers much of the western coast of Midria.
41-37 BF Tholian-Jin War. Conflicts that begin with Jin raiders attacking southern coastal settlements of Tholos end with a large naval victory for the Tholians at the mouth of the Jinzene Sea. Jin falls under Tholian subjugation and is forced to pay heavy reparations.
21 BF Asendor the Strong defeats a large force of Skane, the largest remaining tribe opposing the western settlers, at the Battle of the Vale. The Skane are driven north beyond the Fjarvald, effectively leaving the soon-to-be Kingdom of Asenheim under his control.
19 BF Asendor founds the Kingdom of Asenheim, naming himself First King of the East.
0 AF Founding of Stormgard.
248 AF Human settlers from northern Midria begin moving into what will become Urellia, making first contact with the Dwarves of Thang Zod.
277 AF Founding of Wyrmwood.
1213 AF Valkyron of Dar moves west with his followers, founding the realm of Valkyr and beginning the construction of The Crowsnest.
1606 AF now..