Capital Wyrmwood
Government Feudal Magocracy
Population 65,000

Urellia is a realm to the north of mainland Midria, on the island of Thule. Home mostly to humans and a minority of other humanoids, it is largely a wilderness with a temperate climate, but often harsh winters. The largest settlement is the city of Wyrmwood, known as a centre of learning, vast libraries and the study of magic. On the northeastern borders of Urellia lies the Dwarven stronghold of Thang Zod.

History Edit


Geography and Climate Edit

The landscape of Urellia is mostly made up of uncultivated grasslands and low-lying hills, with many scattered coniferous forests, rivers and small lakes. It supports a rich fauna of animals such as bears, wolves, deer, boars and even sabre-toothed cats, making it ideal for hunting and fishing, but also potentially dangerous in the wild.

Culture Edit

Urellia's population outside of Wyrmwood consists mainly of small human settlements that subsist on hunting and fishing, with small-scale agriculture. Dwarves can be found in scattered numbers throughout the realm, usually involved in trade and mining. Other humanoid species are rare.

Much economic activity revolves around trade between Thang Zod and Wyrmwood, and then down the river Greyflood and on to the rest of the known realms.

Government Edit

A network of lords and barons maintain control of the various towns, and pay fealty to the rulers of Wyrmwood, the Azurean Council.
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Thang Zod, southern gate